Why You Should Use Symphonic Distribution As Your Digital Distributor

Why You Should Use Symphonic Distribution As Your Digital Distributor.

I don’t want to go too deep into the nuts and bolts of online music distribution but I’ve used a lot of digital distributors for selling music over the years and in this post I just want to point out more than a few things on why you should go with Symphonic Distribution for your music distribution needs!

(Although I contacted them for a little referral love before writing this, they currently don’t have a referral program, but that’s fine! They truly offer a fantastic all-in-one service for labels and artists alike!)

Bet! Let’s Get Into It.

  • Distribution:

I’ll start with the obvious and thats, you guessed it, Distribution.

They distribute to all the major online retailers and streaming services you can think of so you’re music will be everywhere!

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  • Licensing:

This is a great opportunity to get your music landed in a TV commercial, show, or any other medium where your music is synced with a visual piece. I haven’t landed anything yet through them but I trust they will land something for me soon!

  • Publishing:¬†

Who is your publishing administrator? If you don’t know what music publishing is, ‘google’ it and you will find tons of information about it. This is how you will get paid through performance organizations nationally and in some cases internationally when your music is ‘out there’.

  • Soundcloud Monetization

What this does is get you paid while people are streaming your music every time an ad is heard!

(I do believe you need to create your own Soundcloud account before you can enable this feature.)

  • Youtube¬†Monetization

Gets you paid every time an ad is viewed over one of your videos!

  • Video Distribution

Gets your video distributed to various networks online!

  • Creative Design

They can create promotional material for Instagram, create a lyric video, make a promo flyer for you, make a logo opener, a track release, and more!

  • Piracy Protection

This will protect your music from being illegally distributed online so you keep all of your money! Boom!

  • Neighboring Rights

Collects royalties internationally! You might have a song or an album somewhere in the world getting major plays but don’t even know it! They’ll help you keep track and get everything that’s owed to you!

  • Marketing

Don’t have a marketing team? They help you with branding, social media analysis, campaigns, Spotify playlists, PR (Public Relations), Bio creation and even radio promotion. Now you’ll have your own in house marketing team! Wow!

  • Legal Contracts

Need a contract? They have loads of contracts. You can also buy these in packs. At the moment of this writing, prices vary from $45 to $95. (As always, seek legal advice before you jump into any contract.)

  • Mastering & Production

Get your music mastered professionally! Now you can have that ‘radio’ quality sound! A lot of blogs and playlists won’t even consider your music if it doesn’t sound high quality. Radio won’t touch it at all! So make sure you get your music mastered before you release it!

So What Does This Cost?

Depending on what you want or need done the prices will vary. The initial setup fee is $25. From there its $10.99 for 1-5 songs all the way up to $39.99 for 1-20 songs. After this you keep 100% of your royalties.

If you’re an artist like myself than you probably agree that making music is the fun part and all the other stuff is, well, blah. 10 years ago companies like this were unheard of. I’ve worked with a lot of different services throughout the years releasing music and Symphonic Distribution is the most diverse that I’ve come across so far. So, if you’re looking for a company to release your music I recommend you check them out!


Visit their site at: www.symphonicdistribution.com.

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