Remember The Pharcyde – Passin’ Me By?

The Pharcyde – Passin’ Me By

Remember that group from the early 90’s called The Pharcyde? Remember their most popular song Passin’ Me By?

Well here’s the song in throwback format.

FROSTiE released a throwback mixtape a few years back that really didn’t get the promotion it deserved over The Pharcydes – Passin’ Me By track. Recently online it has gained a lot of ground on the internet. This project series was designed to pay homage and respect to those who paved the way in hip hop and rap before us and also showcase the versatility of the rapper FROSTiE.


The Pharcyde Passin' Me By

The Pharcyde – Passin’ Me By revamp on WHO IS FROSTiE??? v2.0 {The Throwback Mixtape}.

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