Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol

Should you buy Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol?

native instruments komplete kontrol

As a Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol owner myself I just wanted to touch down on this question because I ran out and bought one after finding myself in complete awe after watching a video on YouTube.  Do you need this to make better music or beats? The answer is simply, no. Beat and music production is something that actually requires practice and an ear. Even though we live in a day and age of loops and then more heavily filtered loops topped with minimal thought out auto-tuned cadences and senseless lyrics, anybody can by a computer, a program, a midi controller, and a mic and call themselves a rapper or producer. I’m not going to get into that today but rather a few benefits of owning the Komplete Kontrol keyboard series.


  • No major learning curve for learning how to use it.
  • This may be looked down on as cheating from a seasoned musician but the ability to play complex chords with the touch of one key is amazing! Period.
  • Paired with the Maschine and the Native Instruments Komplete collection you may never have to buy another sound library again. The quality of the sounds compared to what was out 10 years ago is absolutely surreal!
  • The lighting on this board when you’re in the scale and chord modes is just plain out dope if you’re into gadgets that intrigue the eye.


  • Whenever Native Instruments decides to add the ability to program your own chord sets this will literally take your production and beats to a level you never thought you could reach. At the moment, I really can’t play thepiano. I dabbled in chord progressions for maybe a year or so about 10 years ago but fell off because I just didn’t have the time to practice and would constantly write lyrics and songs. Today, I can play enough and program to come up with some pretty dope stuff. I hope to one day learn how to fully play but that’s another mission to accomplish.
  • I understand the purpose of this board as a companion to the Native Instruments family for music production and I’m not going to go intoexpecting the world from it like most people would do. If you can shell out the money or save up for it I would recommend getting it if you’re really considering setting up a Native Instruments based production rig. Onlinemusic stores like offer a zero interest payment plan so when money is tight this can at least help get you up and going. You can also apply for a Amazon store card and get some gear there as well.native instruments komplete kontrolConsensus:

Again, if you’re really considering getting started then I would say go ahead and get it. You’ll be happy you did!


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  1. I have the komplete s25 and i really like it for my small project studio. Good article man. I really like your music!

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