How to upload music to iTunes.

So, you want to upload music to iTunes, huh?

upload music to itunesTechnically speaking you can’t upload music to iTunes like you can to Soundcloud or Bandcamp, but since you’ve found this page I’m assuming you’re either an artist or a producer looking to get your music on iTunes or any other form of digital distribution.

In order to get your tunes in digital retail outlets to sell the best thing is to go through what they call a music aggregator (that’s really just a fancy way to say digital distributor). These companies can also get you onto Googleplay, Spotify, Pandora, and pretty much any major service that is currently out.

upload music to itunes

I currently use Symphonic Distribution for most of my releases on my main page here at Most of the time I give away free rap music downloads here on the site in exchange for building up my online fanbase. I’ll get into some promotional tips in another post here soon, for now I’ll stick to the script and try to help out the artist or producer who is more of a beginner and doesn’t know how to get their music on iTunes.

Below is a list of some of the most known and reputable music distribution companies online:

Most of these companies charge a fee letting you retain 100% of your sales or will give you the option to upload your music for free but they’ll take a 20%-30% cut off of sales which really isn’t bad if you don’t want to pay the 100% sales fee.

*Feel free to leave more distributors in the comments that aren’t listed. These aggregators are popping up all the time and this list will probably grow until the end of time.

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