Ever Wanted To Take Music Lessons?

Have you ever wanted to take music lessons?

Today I would like to be real with you like I always do.  Have you ever wanted to take music lessons? I consider myself more of a creative than a rapper these days so I’ve always wanted to take music lessons, mainly the piano with a little bit of the trumpet. Who doesn’t want to learn how to play the piano? And for the trumpet, I don’t know what it is about the trumpet, but I always thought it was one of the coolest sounding and looking instruments. As time went on I got caught up in life like most of us do, recording and mixing my own music and learning enough chord progressions to at least get me by. Now we have software apps that we can program music with and don’t really have to know how to play.

So the other day I was sifting through some websites and came across ArtistWorks.com.

music lessons

Now I’m pretty sure you can you can find sites that teach you to play any instrument you can think of. What stood out to me was the subscription tier and the ability to send your practice videos to your instructor and receive feedback. So it’s like having a real instructor instead of just watching tutorials. Sure you can watch tutorials but some of you might want to have an instructor and learn through the comfort of your own home.

Why not just get a real instructor?

I knew you would ask that! Lol. That’s a valid question and I would like to give some of examples on why you might want to take music lessons online.

  1. The cost – Paying for a real instructormusic lessons prices is fine, I’m not trying to step on anybody’s toes here. But, I did a quick search and you could easily spend $100 or more per hour. Learning an instrument takes hundreds if not thousands of hours of practice. So depending on how many classes you want to take, I’ll let you do the math. Of course, you probably won’t spend thousands of hours with your teacher but you get the point.
  2. Time – Most people nowadays are strapped for time. So being able to log on and take a  lesson or two whenever you have downtime is convenient. 
  3. Convenience – Not having to add another task of making an appointment to a music class into your daily schedule just makes life easier. Oh yeah, and don’t forget about travel time.
  4. Get with the program – At the time of this writing it’s 2017. This is the world we live in now. It’s ok to take a course or two online.
  5. You searched for it on Google, Bing, or Yahoo – You obviously typed something into a search engine that was relevant to taking music lessons, otherwise you wouldn’t have found this post.  🙂

What lessons they currently offer:

Final ThoughtS.

With the addition of the blog here at whoisfrostie.com, music, beats, and my other online endeavors, it makes it even harder for me to find time for anything else! But, I will somehow and someway find time to take some of these music lessons online in the near future! So with all of this said, I recommend you getting a couple music lessons from ArtistWorks.com yourself if your serious about learning how to play an instrument!


Visit: ArtistWorks.com

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