frostie bio picBorn and raised in Denver Colorado, Foster Spahn, also known as FROSTiE or I.E. (for short), has always had a passion for music. FROSTiE has never met his biological father. He was raised by his mother, Timma Knight, who is now passed away. When FROSTiE was born there was racial tension and prejudice between both sides of the family, one side being black (his father) and the other being white (his mother). It’s not known if this is the reason why his biological father was never a part of his life. Struggling and on welfare FROSTiE was raised by his mother and would write music to escape his harsh reality. As soon as he was introduced to hip-hop/rap he fell in love with the sound and culture and began writing rap lyrics at the age of 8. In grade school he began to play around with musical instruments, but that became short lived. He would later pick up where he left off as an adult by composing and producing his own music in digital samplers and sequencers and recording his own bass lines from an old bass guitar that he owned. FROSTiE has also been featured on numerous mixtapes and albums nationally. He has decided to take it beyond circulating mixtapes in his neighborhood and create original music for radio, tv, film, and the web. With his charismatic flow and winning attitude FROSTiE is determined to succeed and help others in life through his music and personal efforts. Many of the skills possessed by FROSTiE include producing, audio engineering, graphics design, directing, video editing, comedy, acting, and writing. Although his first love is music and performing as a Rap Artist, FROSTiE has chosen to take his creative efforts further through various outlets and mediums of creative expression through audio and visual art. He has now dubbed himself more than just a ‘rapper’, but an entertainer and a ‘Creative’.

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