Softube Console 1 Quick Review

Softube Console 1 Quick Review

I came across the Softube Console 1 through a Facebook advertisement on my news feed and of course, I had to look into it. What I liked about it from the jump is the hardware interface, I wish more companies would integrate at least one major hardware component for their main software applications like Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol and Maschine and Softube is another company making a clever move with this one. Continue reading “Softube Console 1 Quick Review”

Ever Wanted To Take Music Lessons?

Have you ever wanted to take music lessons?

Today I would like to be real with you like I always do.  Have you ever wanted to take music lessons? I consider myself more of a creative than a rapper these days so I’ve always wanted to take music lessons, mainly the piano with a little bit of the trumpet. Who doesn’t want to learn how to Continue reading “Ever Wanted To Take Music Lessons?”

Why You Should Use Symphonic Distribution As Your Digital Distributor

Why You Should Use Symphonic Distribution As Your Digital Distributor.

I don’t want to go too deep into the nuts and bolts of online music distribution but I’ve used a lot of digital distributors for selling music over the years and in this post I just want to point out more than a few things on why you should go with Symphonic Distribution for your music distribution needs! Continue reading “Why You Should Use Symphonic Distribution As Your Digital Distributor”

Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol

Should you buy Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol?

native instruments komplete kontrol

As a Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol owner myself I just wanted to touch down on this question because I ran out and bought one after finding myself in complete awe after watching a video on YouTube.  Do you need this to make better music or beats? The answer is simply, no. Continue reading “Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol”

How to upload music to iTunes.

So, you want to upload music to iTunes, huh?

upload music to itunesTechnically speaking you can’t upload music to iTunes like you can to Soundcloud or Bandcamp, but since you’ve found this page I’m assuming you’re either an artist or a producer looking to get your music on iTunes or any other form of digital distribution. Continue reading “How to upload music to iTunes.”